MG Service Plans

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What is an MG Service Plan?

An MG service plan allows you to spread the cost of your servicing over a number of years, by paying an interest free, monthly direct debit in the same way you would pay many of your household bills.  If you wished to do so you could also pay for your service plan in full.

Can I take out a Service Plan if I'm buying a Used MG?

Yes, service plans aren't just for new cars.  The servicing cost on a Used MG will be calculated in exactly the same way as it would be for a new car, with the same options to spread the payments over a number of years.

Are the servicing costs fixed?

Yes, all future costs are calculated at today's prices meaning your future car servicing will be free from inflation for the period of the service plan.  However, if your vehicle mileage increases this can result in the monthly direct debit requiring alteration or a top-up payment at the point of service.

Is the plan transferable?

If you change your vehicle for another MG then any unused payments can be transferred from your previous Service Plan to a new one.

What if I wish to cancel my Service Plan?

If your circumstances change and you wish to cancel your plan, you can do so.  Simply let us know your policy details and any refund on your account will be given.

Why is regular maintenance important?

Your car is due a service at set mileage intervals or at least every year, so it is important to ensure that your MG is inspected and serviced regularly.  In line with the manufacturer warranty, you are responsible for maintaining and caring for your vehicle.  By choosing Blackshaws it means you are in the safe hands of our MG Certified Technicians who use the latest diagnostic software and MG approved parts.

If you'd like to find out more about MG Service Plans please call our Aftersales Team on 01665 517545 so that we can prepare a quote for your vehicle.  Don't forget, you will also receive a FREE Morris the Bear and 12 months' MG roadside assistance with every MG service.

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