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Blackshaws Alnwick stocks a wide range of budget, mid range and premium branded car tyres for all vehicle makes and models. From our dealership in Alnwick, Northumberland we offer a wide range of tyre related services including puncture repairs and complimentary tyre health checks. 

It's important to regularly check the tyre pressure on all your tyres particularly before a long journey.  Watch the video below to find out what you should do if your tyre pressure warning light comes on.

Recently new labelling has been introduced on all tyres to provide additional consumer information about tyre safety. In order to help you understand the new legislation please refer to our tyre labelling guide below:

Tyre labelling guide

Car tyres are one of the most important safety features on your car.

If you think about it they provide the only point of contact between your car and the road and as such they are vital in allowing you to steer, brake and accelerate safely.

Did you know?

  • Recent AA statistics estimate that 1 in 10 British motorists drive with at least one illegal tyre
  • 90% of all vehicles on the road have incorrect tyre pressure which can badly affect braking and steering safety
  • Fuel economy and environmental pollution are adversely affected by incorrect tyre pressure
  • If you don't check your spare tyre it can become illegal or under-inflated
  • You can receive a fine of £2500 and 3 penalty points for each illegal tyre on your car

Blackshaws Alnwick Tyre Service

As you can see some of the above statistics are quite shocking particularly as most drivers are completely unaware of them.

Here at Blackshaws Alnwick we always encourage our customers to take tyre safety very seriously. We recommend that tyres are checked every week when they are cold particularly for pressure and tread depth. The legal limit is 1.6mm but once the tread depth is 78% worn it is best to replace your tyre as wet weather stopping distance can be seriously compromised.

At Blackshaws we offer all our customers a FREE Tyre Health Check so if you are looking to buy car tyres in Alnwick, Northumberland please contact our Parts Department on 01665 602683.