Suzuki Fixed Price Servicing

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A large percentage of breakdowns and expensive repairs can be avoided by having your vehicle regularly checked and serviced, but people are often worried about how much their service will cost.

That's why we've fixed our prices not only on our services but also on most common kinds of repairs, for cars of any age. Our Fixed Price Servicing also includes a number of additional benefits such as complimentary roadside assistance, courtesy transport, vehicle asessment videos, free vehicle software updates and genuine parts fitted by our factory trained technicians.

Choose from our Suzuki Service Lite and Service Lite+ options shown below. Servicing your vehicle has never been easier.

Checks Service Lite Service Lite+ Service Lite Service Lite+
  Petrol £219 Petrol £319 Diesel £229 Diesel £379
Check for outstanding recalls      
 Fit protection kit (seat cover, floor mat)        
 Check seatbelt operation and security        
 Check for any damage to bodywork including windscreen        
 Check operation of lights and horn        
 Check operation of wipers and washers    
 Check washer condition        
 Inspect and lubricate latches, locks and hinges        
Replace engine oil and change oil filter        
Fit new sump plug washer        
Check gearbox and diff oil level (check plugs only)        
Check fuel lines, brake pipes, exhaust condition        
Check front and rear suspension/ drivetrain        
Inspect wheels and check wheel nut torque        
Check tyres and adjust tyre pressure. Record depths        
Check puncture repair kit is complete and inspect expiry date        
Visually inspect brakes        
Check and adjust handbrake        
Check and adjust washer fluid level        
Check brake fluid level and condition        
Inspect auxiliary drive belts        
Check power assisted fluid level (if applicable)        
Check coolant, antifreeze level and condition        
Check and adjust clutch cable        
Re-set service indicator (as applicable)        
Road test (performance, noise, gear change etc)        
Check for fault codes        
Check battery condition and connections        
Check headlight alignment        
Clean off brakes, check and adjust        
Replace in line fuel filter (excludes tank filter)        
Change brake fluid        
Replace pollen filter        
Inspect spark plugs        
Replace air filter        
Bleed and replace coolant, antifreeze