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The importance of an annual vehicle air condition check

Our research has shown that although we recommend to our customers that they book an Air Condition check for their vehicle each year many people are not aware of the importance of this check or why it is needed. Therefore we have compiled this simple guide to answer your most 'Frequently Asked Questions'.

Why do I need an Air Condition service?

Although modern Air Condition systems are both efficient and reliable, like all mechanical systems they require servicing in order to maintain their effectiveness particularly after the winter months when they may have been switched off.

On occasion you may notice a stale smell when you turn on your vehicle's Air Condition system. This is caused by condensation that forms around the chilling unit and over time micro organisms such as mould, fungi and bacteria can develop and pass into the cabin as airborne spores causing odour and on occasion sore throats or an allergic reaction.

What happens if an Air Condition system is not regularly serviced?

If an Air Condition system is not serviced on a regular basis a build up of moisture will occur and eventually it is likely that the element will break down causing expensive internal damage to the Air Condition system.

How often should an Air Condition system be serviced?

Vehicle manufacturers recommend that Air Condition systems are inspected once a year in order to maintain effectiveness.

What does an Air Condition check include?

An Air Condition check at Blackshaws Alnwick includes the following:

  • Sanitisation of air ducts and vents to eliminate bad odours caused by the build up of mould, fungi and bacteria
  • A full system vacuum
  • A complete 're-gas' to maintain optimum performance using ultra violet gas (easier to inspect for leaks)
  • An inspection of all pipe work and mechanical components for damage or leaks
  • An inspection of the drive belt for cracks and tears

Don't take the risk! If you think it is time to have your air condition system checked call Blackshaws Alnwick Service Department today on 01665 602123.