Is it time to change your Nissan cambelt?

What is a cambelt?

A cambelt or timing belt, as they are also known, is an essential part of your car engine. Made from reinforced rubber and nylon the cambelt connects and winds round the engine's moving parts to ensure the valves and pistons are in perfect synchronisation as they move up and down at high speed several thousand times a minute. In other words the cambelt is crucial to the smooth operation of your car's engine.

What happens if a cambelt breaks or fails?

If your cambelt snaps it can cause major damage to the valves and pistons in your engine and in extreme cases can lead to you having to completely replace your engine. Obviously such damage is extremely costly.

If your cambelt breaks it could also leave you stranded and requiring breakdown recovery as your car engine will not work without it and you will not be able to drive your vehicle.

Why do I need to replace my cambelt?

A typical engine makes more than 35 million revolutions per year. It is therefore inevitable that over time a rubber cambelt will begin to deteriorate due to the effects of moisture, dust and the vibration of your car engine.

How often do I need to replace my cambelt?

Although timing intervals vary for different makes and models, most manufacturers recommend that you have your cambelt checked every 5 years or after 54,000 miles whichever comes first. For further information on the timing interval for your particular vehicle you should refer to your Service booklet.

Alternatively if you contact our Service staff at Blackshaws we can check the recommended interval for your make and model of vehicle and offer advice on when you should have your cambelt examined.

Fitting the right cambelt

At Blackshaws we will ensure the correct cambelt is fitted for your specific make and model of engine. Our specially trained technicians are also highly experienced in fitting cambelts at the correct tension. This is an important consideration as cambelts that are too tight may stretch and break whereas those that are too loose will not work efficiently.

Don't take the risk! If you think it is time to change your cambelt call Blackshaws Service Department today on 01665 602123.