New Suzuki Hybrid Engine

The exciting new Suzuki 48V hybrid engine is here.  With a 20% improvement in fuel efficiency compared to the equivalent non-hybrid vehicle this new engine offers a number of key benefits to drivers.

Firstly, the 48V hybrid uses less fuel so you can drive further between fill-ups.  It also has reduced greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) emissions and for company car drivers the BIK tax liability is reduced by 5 bands.  In order to achieve optimum fuel efficiency the new hybrid engine enables the electric motor to restart the petrol engine after engine auto-stop.  It also assists the petrol engine during acceleration and stops fuel injection during low speed deceleration.  In addition, the electric motor torque gives enhanced engine responsiveness.

The 48V hybrid engine uses compact components with minimal added weight so that there is no compromise on driving fun or interior space and as this new Suzuki engine is a self-charging hybrid, you can drive as you always have with no concerns about battery range.  Find out more by watching the video below or for further information please contact our Alnwick Sales Team on 01665 602202.