Blackshaws Assist

No one likes to think that their vehicle may be involved in an accident but no matter how careful we are accidents can occur at any time....... and if something does happen to your vehicle then Blackshaws is here to help with Blackshaws Assist.

What is Blackshaws Assist?

Blackshaws Assist is a completely FREE service designed to take away all the stress, hassle and worry if you have been involved in an accident by providing you with a single helpline number to ring. So if you have been involved in an accident all you need to do is ring our dedicated number

0345 241 6907 and our Blackshaws 24/7 helpline will take care of everything for you

Wouldn't you rather avoid long delays waiting to speak to an insurance call centre and instead let our experienced team take care of everything for you?

What will Blackshaws Assist do for me?

Non fault accident – if you have an accident and it was not your fault Blackshaws Assist will recover your damaged vehicle, handle all insurance paperwork for you, including liaison with the fault driver's insurance company, plus we will give you free legal advice and supply you with a "like for like" replacement vehicle while yours is off the road. We will also ensure that you have no excess to pay, that your insurance record is protected, that your premiums are not increased and that you are properly compensated for any injury or loss. Most importantly we will make sure that if your vehicle is written off you will receive the full retail value for it or if your vehicle is still road worthy you will be compensated for any reduction in its value as a result of the accident.

In addition we will make sure that any repair work is carried out in our "state of the art" Paint and Bodyshop here at Blackshaws and that your car is not transported miles away as your insurance company might suggest. At Blackshaws you can be sure that if we repair your vehicle we will always fit quality new parts and that repair work will be done to the highest possible standards.

In other words every step of the way Blackshaws Assist will act in your best interests and not the interests of your insurance company.

Fault accident – if on the other hand the accident is your fault, don't worry, we can still help. In these circumstances Blackshaws Assist will again liaise with your insurance company to report your accident, give you free legal advice and ensure that your repair work is carried out at your local Blackshaws garage.

Remember – you have the legal right to choose where your accident repairs are carried out even if your insurance company recommends an alternative "repairer". After an accident you are legally within your rights to nominate Blackshaws to carry out the work.

Summary of Non Fault Benefits

  •  24/7 Helpline
  •  Free legal advice
  •  Recovery of your damaged vehicle
  •  Supply of a "like for like" replacement vehicle
  •  Liaison & handling of your insurance paperwork
  •  No excess to pay
  •  Protection of your insurance record & premiums
  •  Compensation for injury & loss
  •  Full retail value if vehicle is written off
  •  Compensation for loss of value due to accident
  •  Quality new parts used for repairs
  •  Work carried out in Blackshaws Bodyshop
  •  No stress, no hassle, no worries

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Service Guarantee

The Blackshaws Repair Guarantee.

In addition to our competitive repair rates Blackshaws also offers the following guarantees:

  • An estimate before commencing any work
  • Repairs carried out by highly trained bodyshop technicians
  • An assurance to ask permission before undertaking additional work
  • A progress report during your repair
  • A full explanation of the work we have carried out
  • A complimentary wash and floor vac