Nissan Accident Support

In the event of an accident call Nissan Accident Support first on 0800 246 820

If you call this number you’ll get through to a 24/7 service which is free to all Nissan drivers wherever they are in the UK.  We record all details for your insurance claim, get your vehicle recovered (if required) and arrange repairs at a Nissan Approved Bodyshop.

It’s important to get your Nissan back to its original condition.  Nissan Accident Support will help ensure it is repaired at a Nissan Approved Bodyshop such as Blackhaws.


Shouldn’t I call my insurer first?

No.  Most UK insurers want to repair your vehicle as cheaply as possible so they will send you to a repair centre (their nominated repairer) that suits them not you.  However, that bodyshop may not operate to the latest Nissan repair standards or have the latest equipment or technical knowledge.

Many insurers avoid using high quality parts and will try to source copy parts or components which are often of inferior quality.

Will I need to report the claim to my insurer?

Yes, but after you have called the Nissan Accident Support line.

We direct your vehicle to a Nissan Approved Bodyshop to ensure repairs are carried out to the highest safety standards.  Your insurer might encourage you to get your Nissan repaired at their preferred choice of bodyshop, but it is your legal right to insist on a Nissan Approved Bodyshop such as Blackshaws.  This won’t compromise your future insurer relationship nor adversely affect the annual cost of your motor insurance.

Will I need to pay for this service?

This is a FREE service to all Nissan customers.  Your only cost will be any uninsured costs such as policy excess that will be requested by your insurer.

Are Nissan used car owners entitled to this service?

This service is available to all Nissan drivers in the UK, regardless of the age of the vehicle or whether it was purchased new or used.  It is also available to anyone driving your Nissan providing they are insured.

Can you help for all accidents, even a small dent?

For all accidents, no matter how big or small, you should always call Nissan Accident Support first.  That way you can rest assured that your Nissan will be repaired to the highest standard.

Keep your Nissan 100% Nissan.

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If you are a Nissan Customer, we will look after you. That is our Promise.


YOU want to stay on the road when your Nissan is in for a service or repair.

NISSAN PROMISE to keep you mobile free of charge whether you need a courtesy car, or just a lift.


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NISSAN PROMISE to provide you with Roadside Assistance for free every time you service your car with us.


YOU want your problems resolved quickly.

NISSAN PROMISE to propose a resolution to any problem within two working days.


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NISSAN PROMISE that’s what you’ll get when you pre-book your test drive either online or through our customer service centre.